A Taste of Amber

A woman lays across a bed, teasing herself with one hand down her panties

I return home to find her sprawled across my bed, as though there’s no place she would rather be. But I know all too well that isn’t true. The trail of clothing shed slowly up the staircase spoils the surprise of her visit long before I reach the threshold, but the view is just as spectacular. She has something new that she’s dying to share; I can smell her excitement from across the room. Why else would she be here?

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Petals Under Glass: The Orchid’s Allure

Fine art print of two Phalaenopsis orchid flower blossoms. Copyright J.D. Lexx
Fine art Dracula orchid flower photo. Copyright J.D. Lexx
A rare, blood-red Dracula orchid from the cloud forests of Central America.

“Be wary of the man who has mastered the orchid’s secrets because once he masters yours, your body may never again trust one who has not.”

So my new book debuted earlier this week, and with it the usual questions. How do you dream this stuff up? Why orchids, of all things? Hey, when are you going to get a real job?

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m an intensely private person; we who live in our own heads usually are. That being the case, I’ll often find inspiration in nature, where a soul can quiet the noise and focus on the passions of life without distraction. And what better muse for a story of sensual awakening than the intricate seduction of nature’s crown jewel?

When it comes to Order of the Orchidarion, one question I’m asked more than any other is whether I had to do a lot of research into orchids before writing it. My answer, quite honestly, is no. At least not in any conventional sense. I’ve been collecting and cultivating orchids in one form or another for decades. In fact, I can honestly say they’re one of the earliest in a growing list of undying loves. Care to join me for a stroll through the collection and find out why?

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Manic Readers Gives “Food Lust” FIVE STARS

cover art for Food Lust, a Crimson Confession book by author J.D. Lexx

cover art for Food Lust, a Crimson Confession book by author J.D. Lexx I’m thrilled to share Manic Readers’ wonderful five-star review of Food Lust: A Crimson Confession, set for release August 15 (August 22 on Amazon).

One of my more playfully irreverent offerings to date, I’m excited to see Food Lust embraced as the indulgent treat I always hoped it would be. One world-class chef. One food-phobic wallflower. Two insatiable appetites. It’s the ultimate recipe for fun!

A couple highlights:

“Very sexy and draws the reader right into the book.”

“I love the witty repartee and sexual innuendos. Loved the graphic descriptions, word pictures, and erudite vocabulary.”

“…Food Lust was one of the best books I’ve seen in a long time.”

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Teasings of a Midsummer Threesome

cover art for Two-Way Glass, a Crimson Confession book by author J.D. Lexx

I started with a dream. But then, don’t we all?

Photo of old, run down oyster house on the streets of New Orleans
Mine took its first breath in New Orleans. I wonder how many others claim the same

Since, it’s been months of toiling and backbreaking labor to lay the groundwork for an experience unlike any other. Exhausting myself completely, with little or nothing to show for it but the satisfaction of self and the hopes of one day sharing that pleasure.

Propelled forward by an ever-present reverie whispering softly in my ear, I dismantled a jaded soul, busted and fractured by the cruelties of life.

From the pieces, I rebuilt something new, something resolute. I laid down the lifeline and the hard-won excuses, then looked back to catch a glimmer in the rubble. Shining back, once buried under the burdens of expectation and the tarnished fade of years, I found a shard of self-determination, which I’ve carried closely ever since. I would write—passionately, fiercely, even whimsically—as I’ve always wished I could, not only for myself but for the indulgence of every new friend who might stop to pay the honor of a read.

gas street lamp on a building in New OrleansEarly on, I began to question my own sanity in pursuing this quest, as though I had no right daring to believe I possessed something special and unique to offer. Was I being arrogant in my presumption? Or overly bold in hoping others might embrace this new world of mine, crafted just within the shadow’s edge?

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