Manic Readers Gives “Food Lust” FIVE STARS

cover art for Food Lust, a Crimson Confession book by author J.D. Lexx I’m thrilled to share Manic Readers’ wonderful five-star review of Food Lust: A Crimson Confession, set for release August 15 (August 22 on Amazon).

One of my more playfully irreverent offerings to date, I’m excited to see Food Lust embraced as the indulgent treat I always hoped it would be. One world-class chef. One food-phobic wallflower. Two insatiable appetites. It’s the ultimate recipe for fun!

A couple highlights:

“Very sexy and draws the reader right into the book.”

“I love the witty repartee and sexual innuendos. Loved the graphic descriptions, word pictures, and erudite vocabulary.”

“…Food Lust was one of the best books I’ve seen in a long time.”

Check out the full review HERE.

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