March 20: Save the Date

While I’ve teased and taunted, you’ve waited patiently, and now the day is here. Today, I finally get to share a big announcement with you all, one that’s been killing me to hold inside.

In many ways, today marks the start of a new journey while building on the foundation we’ve laid. Time and again, I’ve shown you the “how” through the tales and vignettes I’ve collected. Now it’s time I tell you the “why”.

With the release of my first Crimson Confessions, I started down a road that has delivered me to each and every one of you. It’s brought me new friends, and maybe a few enemies, but more than that it’s opened my eyes to the incredible power of the written word in bonding people across their differences. But then, that’s always been my hope, my catalyzing ambition. On the bridge between these divides, we often find our strongest commonalities—the undeniable truths which make us one and the same, in spite of our tendencies to forget.

Now we reach the next step together, with the unveiling of a new phase that blurs lines and crosses boundaries in ways few others have. Today is about much more for me than the introduction of a new novel. It’s about inviting you deeper into a world of my own reluctant creation, to walk among the shadows from which Confessions take rise and glean firsthand the reason behind their existence.

Jessica Ames, Morgan Parker, Christine Bexley… Each carried secrets like weights around their necks until absolved by the cleansing power of revelation. But have you ever wondered what connects them all, beyond the ultimate submission to temptation? The answer to that stands right before you, and has from the very beginning. I do.

Now I bring you a new class of sinners, their transgressions darker and more wanton than those who came before. But even their disclosures pale to the worst of them all. See, my motivation for liberating these strangers of their chains was never about nobility or goodwill. I chase absolution as well, albeit for an affliction more damning than the rest.

Only one can grant me peace and the second chance I seek. Some day, I must believe, she will. Until then, I carry on as if she won’t. Welcome to my self-imposed curse. Welcome to my blessed damnation. Welcome…to my Malediction.

Coming March 20—the first day of spring. New Season, New Beginnings.

Malediction Reveal Teaser 6

Malediction Journal Entry 47