In Just Four Days… MALEDICTION



A smattering of whimpers rose to a wind-like howl around me. Louder. Louder. I struggled again to free my hands, if only to cover my ears. Every shriek pierced deeper as the volume inflicted daggers of pain until suddenly, and for a few blissful seconds, I heard nothing at all.

In the calm that followed, I felt truly alone, perhaps more than ever before. Still, I had no interest in tempting fate by being the first to break the silence. I bit my lip and stuttered long breaths to mirror this new level of quiet, but the deck was stacked against me from the start.

Without a sound, something circled, more inquisitive than malicious. Its provocation tickled like bursts of air, testing every point for intimate weakness with conscious awareness of its advantage. Something, or the vestige of someone, did not play fair. It had no need for breath and could move without a rustle, unburdened by the telltale drag of matter. And yet it prodded my senses in search of the slightest audible sign of humanity, as if such a standoff could possibly last.

I didn’t need eyes to see its head cocked aside in quizzical interest, kissing the pulse of my neck and studying the symmetry of each heaving breast. Even in death, it seems the fascination remains. But I wouldn’t break, not yet. I let it play across my skin, ignoring the urge to move which so often accompanies the realization that one cannot. Methodic in its mischief, it traveled down both sides to the taper of my hips—seeking my sound, like my scent, on the air. Waiting…

Before I could call it back, a sigh escaped my lips and echoed beyond my reach. The dinner bell. In vicious unison, every nail dug deep and every fang nipped at my flesh. My body trapped in one prolonged vibration, I felt my assailant release its smoky plume, flooding my lungs before vanishing from the vise of my lips.

“Oh my God, yes!”

Finally, in the haze of an ethereal afterglow, Luc landed the mercy blow. His tongue penetrated my weakened defenses to take his first unchallenged taste of my excitement. The table electrified beneath me as he teased and flicked between my thighs. Softly, cruelly, he licked with masterful control to the edge of a rising bank. But this dam couldn’t hold forever.

“Please?” I whimpered.

Before my plea could fade, the room spun upside down and his delicate feasting turned frenzied, sending me into electrified convulsions as he hit his mark with expert pressure, releasing rolling waves of pleasure I could neither control nor stop. My body ran wild without regard to my wishes, clawing at the restraints and whipping side to side like a woman possessed—a fitting comparison in the moment. I thrashed and trembled against his touch but every token resistance only heightened the intensity further. Writhing in the dark, this new sensation consumed me, raining chaos and renouncement until his tongue drained me of every last orgasmic impulse.


MALEDICTION: Rise of the Crimson Confessions.

Coming March 20.

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